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ome place, some way or another, Donald Cerrone heard gossip the main explanation he scored the enormous cash battle against Conor McGregor is on the grounds that he’s in cahoots with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to take a plunge at UFC 246.


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It’s a stunning talk most definitely, says “Cattle rustler,” as he says there isn’t sufficient bankroll on the planet that would enable him to conflict with everything he’s constantly represented basically to permit Conor to refocus.

“Damnation no, I’m not bowing down,” Cerrone revealed to MMA Fighting. “There’s a lot of sht going around, individuals continue letting me know ‘I heard you’re getting paid to take a jump.’ There wouldn’t be sufficient cash on the planet for somebody to pay me to take a plunge. I would never glance myself in the mirror in the event that someone paid me to take a jump. Sht, never occur,” he included.


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In fact, there were a couple of eyebrows raised when it was declared that Cerrone got the triumphant lottery pass to greet McGregor back, particularly since he was falling off a knockout misfortune to Justin Gaethje. At the point when you include the way that Gaethje himself was campaigning for the Conor confrontation, it got individuals talking.

All things considered, it’s basically ill bred to try and expect somebody like “Cowhand,” who has consistently acquired it to the enclosure night and night out all through his celebrated and protracted profession, to be the kind of individual who might turn over for check.

“I’d preferably battle for nothing over take cash to f*cking lose. That is not me. I’m going to fend my can off as I do unfailingly.”


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It’s simple for some to overlook exactly how hazardous a warrior Cerrone depends on his last two thrashings, one of which was a specialist’s stoppage destruction to Tony Ferguson. Before that, “Rancher” was on a three-battle win streak and on the cusp of another title shot, so his last two misfortunes just isn’t an impression of the sort of warrior he is.

“I’m still No. 4 or 5 or whatever the damnation I am. Dislike I’m getting beat up by bums, some place down there getting tumbleweeded in the rankings pool,” Cerrone said. “I don’t have the foggiest idea where I’m sitting yet I’m still at the highest priority on the rundown.”


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The two men will feature UFC 246 on January 18, 2020 in what will be the advancement’s first occasion of 2020 of every a pivotal Welterweight matchup. For Conor, a success scores him a Lightweight title battle against Khabib Nurmagomedov should “The Eagle” rout Tony Ferguson at UFC 249.

Cerrone, in the interim, will get the opportunity to not just get a success over the greatest star in the game today, however quietness every one of the pundits who feel he’s en route out or that he’s really the sort of individual who might take a plunge.

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